Hunting Clubs

"Hunt clubs are means to an end for the busy and hectic world we live in. I joined my first hunt club 40+ years ago as a lad. We build added value to the great lands we hand pick for management and our members enjoyment. I know what a successful hunt club looks like, I have been a member of a  couple that weren’t successful. Hunt clubs allow you as a member value for you and your guests, and the membership base is a selected group of people who you would want to hunt with at a value based price.  Putting a price on your membership, how do you put a price on a great experience? Well, we try to and deliver value at the same time. Look forward to showing you what we have to offer on Scablands Hunt Club West and East" - Jeff Miller, Field N' Marsh Outfitters and Kennels

Hunt clubs come in all shapes and forms, but the basic idea is to allow access to a group of like minded individuals and groups to recreational property in a responsible and enjoyable way. Likewise the hunt club management group (landowners and their manager(s) have an obligation to manage the land's resources, all of them , for the benefit of the game, the habitat, the landowners, and the members of course. We form a hunt club to allow a level of management to allow this to happen, and to monitor the resources, and to create a atmosphere for the member's enjoyment. An organized club creates a safe environment, quality experiences, peace of mind, with minimum of oversight and management interference. Obviously it is operated in the likelihood that the landowners will realize revenue and a profit for their operational, capital, and land stewardship costs. Along the way we add amenities and more land as the club evolves and grows to a reasonably manageable size.