junction city, OR. $2500 per gun

261 ACRES located about 7 miles southwest of Junction City, OR. and 15 miles north of Eugene, OR. 100 miles from downtown Portland.  Located 5 miles due north of Fern Ridge Wildlife Management Area, 15 miles due south of Finley NWR. 8 miles west of the Willamette River, and 2 miles west of the Long Tom River.  There are several active clubs in reasonable proximity, most goose oriented.

5 bodies of water, shallow in nature, most huntable with hip boots, with some perennial Smartweed, Canary Grass, and natural grasses. In addition we are planting our floodable areas with wild millet, golden millet, poco barley, smartweed, buckwheat, and some corn.  Was used extensively as a duck club for years, as owner slowed down put less emphasis on the club, more on their quality of life, this Field N’ Marsh is not managing the club.

Ducks in evidence, Wood Ducks, Mallards, Teal. As season progresses you will see Pintail, Widgeon, more Mallards and Teal. The club hunters have not had a big interest in geese, but with numerous agricultural fields around us, Pass Shooting opportunities exist and with lightly natural occurring flooding in some of the open fields, field shooting for ducks and geese definitely. We will mow some of our fields for open field goose hunting just before the season starts.

Total of 10, 2 to 3-man blinds, plus some great cover for use if we get a hot spot to pass shoot for geese from.  We also have 7 layout blinds that if I decide to drop on the ground next to a pond, would provide some interesting shooting.  Water is all gravity fed, no pumping, with overflow spillways and overflow piping for all the impoundments.  Great road system, some application for prudent use of a UTV to access, but 80% accessible with a pickup, ATV/UTV preferable later in the season, PLUS some walking.  It has a very comfortable clubhouse with all the necessary appointments for a day hunt environment, including a wood stove, hot and cold running water. It has a very nice outdoor Sani-Can right next to the clubhouse.

It has a lot of wildlife on it, including Blacktail Deer, numerous turkeys, which we will guide for during the appropriate season.

We have up to 8 members and I will be doing some guiding from time to time with my clients for ducks and or geese. Membership includes the above days to shoot as mentioned; in addition you can bring a guest.  All shooting will be from the assigned blinds that are open that shoot day.  No jump shooting, freelancing or shooting off the ponds until we green light that later in the season.  We have substantial resting and roosting water that will hold birds and that will be working the rest of the hunting areas.  The fee for the season is $2500 per gun.  Turkeys are not part of the membership.

Hunting will be Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday. Geese possibly until March 10th. Holidays that we will hunt in addition to regular shoot days include: Thanksgiving and the Friday after, Xmas Day, Wednesday Dec. 25th, Wednesday, January 1st, Monday, January 20th, MLK Day, Goose hunting will proceed at the end of the regular duck season and we will determine those days when the seasons are established. Seasons have not officially been set, so dates could change

In addition we are leasing fields for geese that will allow members to hunt any day of the week off the club grounds for geese and some additional duck hunting. Filbert orchards attract wood ducks early in the season , we will have some potentially for you to shoot.

Besides your membership fee, bring 12 to 24 decoys, the more mixed duck type the better.  These ponds only require 2 to 3 dozen decoys per blind, mixed species sets are a plus. 

For more information and membership applications call Jeff Miller 541-490-1300